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2007Phase I Studies and analysisIncreasing the technical and informational level for acknowledgement of the specified conditions in Dambovita County where environmental risks factors are present (pollution source, specified pollutant, dispersion proceedings, impact)
2008Phase II Process and system analysesSpatial development through an efficient resources management system definition and the existent systems adaptation to knowledge-based information society demands (knowledge management).
Phase III Experimental model designSystemic and detailed conception of information tools needed for territory spatial planning to provide the environmental risks evaluation in order to anticipate and prevent the negative effects
2009Phase IV Experimental model realization and testingThe development of the sustainable management system and the demonstration of its utility from the point of view of providing the reduction of costs to remove the risk generating causes and the effects on the environment and population.
Phase V Application programs elaborationThe development of applications with information support which provides the technical content necessary for increasing the level of certitude in elaboration of technical and technological non-generating ecological risks solutions
2010Phase VI System components Integration, its functionality demonstration and results disseminationThe generalization of good practices of sustainable resources management through large-scale research results dissemination and increasing the prestige of the consortium created in the frame of the project

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