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In the frame of sustainable management of resources and environment, the present proposal aims to elaborate and test an experimental model and also to implement at the beneficiary a sustainable management system used for monitoring and evaluating environmental risks, system that can be efficiently used in prevention of some negative situations and in the management of crises situations induced by accidentally pollutions.

Having in view the present backyard situation in Dāmbovita County, the existence of industrial plants (Tārgoviste, Doicesti, Titu, Fieni, Moreni) with a high atmosphere pollution (induced by different agents: dusts, gases, noises) and the legislative demands in environmental area that have to be implemented for the near adhesion of Romania to UE, the project proposes the resolution of some problems in relation to the creation of an easy and viable instrument that can be used for sustainable environmental management through management of spatial databases offered by climatic and environment indicators, monitoring system, instruments provided with the capacity to forecast eventually crises and to offer solutions in order to prevent and manage them. Implemented at beneficiary, the system will become operative in the sustainable backyard management, being very important for life quality and environment development in the County.

The main goal is the conception, development, testing and implementation of an advanced system of rehabilitation and spatial planning of territory that have to assure the evaluation of environmental risks in order to manage crises situation, in accordance with the demands of sustainable development on rural, urban, regional and national levels. The system offers methods and technologies for spatial databases achievement in monitoring environmental risk factors area in order to evaluate them (prevention and reduction) and to improve environmental management quality to assure the environment security in crisis.

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